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Cancellation policy


Lessons will proceed in the event of rain, however if there is the potential of lightning/thunderstorm then children will be removed from the pool.


On occasion, parents and/or  the instructor may decide to cancel a lesson due to the risk of thunderstorm,  before the instructor has arrived. In either of these events there will be no charge to families.


Little Champions requires 48 hours’ notice via email, ( ) text   or phone call to 0423 009189 for parents wishing to cancel a lesson for any reason other than sickness.


In the event of a child being unwell on the morning of the day the lesson is scheduled and that we are notified accordingly, (at least three hours prior to the lesson commencement) a credit or catch up lesson will be allocated.


Little Champions will have to charge for a lesson in the event they are notified any later than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time or three hours prior to a lesson in the event of sickness.  


Thank you for choosing Little Champions for your swimming programme.



Yours Sincerely


Michael Ryan

General Manager

We Are Little Champions Pty Ltd