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An explosion of music, dance and energy that will keep your kids pumping. Zumba is a Latin inspired dance/exercise that is a great form of cardio! Kids won’t even realise that they are getting a good workout because our Zumba classes are always fun-filled with great group energy.

Experienced, mature instructors deliver classes that emphasise

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Dealing with Obesity and Improved Cardiac Health


Childhood obesity is on the increase. Children simply need to do more cardio exercise such as Zumba.

Zumba sessions help burn calories and help in weight loss. Cardio exercises such as Zumba strengthens the entire cardiovascular system.

Increased Ability to Fight Diseases


Zumba for kids also aids in strengthening the immune system of your child, which enables him/her to fight disease and infection more effectively. Zumba exercises can make your  child less vulnerable to diseases and infections such as colds, allergies and fever. Zumba exercise can also aid in reducing the occurrence of type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity and enhancing carbohydrate metabolism.


Stronger Bones and Muscles


Kid’s Zumba exercise engages several muscles and requires vigorous movement. Zumba helps in improving overall muscle and bone strength. With increased strength, your child becomes more active and will be more open to other activities. Cardio exercises such as Zumba also improves flexibility and coordination.

Good Blood Flow


Efficient blood flow is very important for maintaining proper health, both for adults and children. With the help of kid’s Zumba, blood flows efficiently to all parts of the body including the brain. Increased supply of oxygen makes a child more active and energised.


Mental Health


Zumba for kids not only benefits your child physically, but mentally as well. Exercise can increase brain metabolism, which can result in better memory and concentration. Children who exercise regularly have decreased depression and anxiety and have more restful sleep.