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Childcare Centre Activities & Incursions

An in-depth look at our activities offering, including sports, zumba dance & fitness, Yoga and Languages

Multi Sports

childcare sports program

Our multi sports physical activity program for childcare centres introduces children to the key sports they will encounter in primary school and beyond, including:

Soccer, Basketball, Football & Netball.

Rotating each week to maintain a keen interest in the program, children are introduced to the basic concepts and fundamentals of each sport: from ball shapes, how to score, basic drills and of course, games! We bring a variety of equipment that makes getting involved fun, including cones, ladders, hurdles and goals!

Sport offers young children an incredible array of learning and development opportunities. Our programs are based on the department of education Early Years Learning Framework and achieve key outcomes relating to identity, connection, well-being, confidence and communication. This program develops gross motor skills & hand-eye coordination.


As strong believers in play based learning, we think there's nothing better than learning new sports while kicking goals, literally!


Zumba for kids is a Latin inspired explosion of music, dance and energy that keeps kids moving!


We explore rhythm, break down steps, add games and activities and embark on a journey of self-exploration and culture.

Our classes feature routines based on original Zumba choreography, remixed and remastered for kids of all ages.


Our licensed Zumba instructors are trained in delivering early years dance classes that develop balance, timing, movement and imagination.

We also are also able to tailor our program to lead kids up to and end of year or end of term performance, just ask us for more info!

Little Champions Childcare Centre Zumba
Little Champions Childcare Centre Yoga


Yoga for kids (just like for adults) is about slowing down for a moment. Our classes introduce children to a beneficial life-long practice that emphasises individuality, expression and mindfulness.

Yoga has enormous physical and emotional benefits. Breath control and slow paced classes teach children to be calm,  increasing self-awareness, self-control and discipline.


At the same time, Yoga's specific body postures (known as asanas) promote slow, controlled movements which develop strength and flexibility.


Little Champions offers structured language classes with centres having a choice of two languages: Spanish and Mandarin.

Our program introduces kids to key language concepts that create the foundation of learning into the future, through games, music and interaction. We focus on problem solving, creativity and culture!

Don't we all wish we learnt a second language as a young child? Science supports the fact that it's easier to learn a language at an early age. Learning foreign language basics while we are children and in the midst of learning our mother tongue has proven very effective in developing foreign language foundations into adulthood.

Little Champions Childcare Centre Languages
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